Michael Barnes

Oxford, UK

Stellarator turbulent transport at low collisionalities

A. D. Beklemishev

BINP, Novosibirsk

New Confinement Concepts for Gas-dynamic Linear Traps

N. Bonanomi

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Multi-scale interactions and role of fast ions and isotope mass in JET plasmas

B. Breizman

IFS, Austin, USA

The feeder pellets and the killer pellets in a plasma

J. Candy


Spectral gyrokinetic implementation of rotation, rotation shear and profile shear

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Nonlinear inverse Landau damping of ion Bernstein waves on alpha particles

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CEA, France

Synergies between neoclassical and turbulent impurity transport

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CEA, France

A new mechanism for increasing density peaking in tokamaks: Improvement

of inward particle pinch with edge ExB shearing

T. Hayward-Schneider

IPP Garching, D

Studying Alfven eigenmodes in realistic conditions using a hierarchy of hybrid-gyrokinetic and fully gyrokinetic models

Sophia Henneberg

IPP Greifswald, D

Development of a novel quasi-axisymmetric stellarator

Linnea Hesslow

Chalmers, SW

Effect of partially ionized impurities and radiation on the effective critical electric field for runaway generation

B. Hnat

Warwick, UK

Experimental constraint on the radial mode number of the Geodesic Acoustic Mode in

MAST Ohmic plasma

Akihiro Ishizawa

Kyoto University, J

The study of multi-scale interaction and parity in turbulence/MHD system based on global flux driven simulation

A. S. Kukushkin

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Bifurcations and oscillations in divertor plasmas

Samuel Lanthaler


Guiding centre theory for MHD instabilities in strongly flowing plasmas

Zhixin Lu

IPP Garching, D

Theoretical studies and simulations of mode structure symmetry breaking in tokamak plasmas

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Interaction of electron-cyclotron beams with electron density fluctuations in turbulent plasmas

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IST Portugal

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IFS, Austin, USA

Instability and Turbulence in the Tokamak Pedestal

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LPP-ERM/KMS, Bruxelles, BE

Modeling in front of a plasma profile of a set of Traveling Wave

Antenna (TWA) sections in view of the ICRF heating of DEMO

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Comparison of gradient and flux driven gyro-kinetic turbulence

T. Stoltzfus-Dueck


Intrinsic Rotation in Axisymmetric Devices

Roddy Vann

York, UK

First-principles simulations of microwave beam propagation through edge turbulence

Hao Wang


Simulations of energetic particle driven geodesic acoustic modes and the energy channeling in the Large Helical Device