Invited Talks, Varenna-Lausanne 2006




Daniele Bonfiglio

Padua, Italy

Electrostatic dynamo in Reversed Field Pinch plasmas: simple common fundamental nature of laminar and turbulent regimes

Boris Breizman

Austin, USA

Fast particle interactions with waves in fusion plasmas

Alan Turnbull

San Diego, USA

Monte-Carlo Simulation of High Harmonic Fast Wave Heating of Neutral Beam Ions and Effects on MHD Stability: Validation With Experiments




Tilman Dannert

Garching, Germany

Turbulent transport of energetic ions

Remi Dumont

Cadarache, France

Hamiltonian description of low frequency waves propagation and absorption in magnetically confined plasmas

Daniela Farina

Milan, Italy

Quasi-optical Propagation of a EC Gaussian Beam, Absorption and Current Drive in Tokamaks

Chris Gimblett

Culham, UK

Peeling mode relaxation ELM model

Virginie Grandgirard

Cadarache, France

Dimensionless scaling laws of confinement in fusion plasmas with the 5D non-linear Gyrokinetic Semi-Lagrangian code GYSELA

Sébastien Jolliet

Lausanne, Switzerland

Ion and electron dynamics in nonlinear PIC simulations

Ralf Kleiber

Greifswald, Germany

Global linear gyrokinetic simulations for stellarator and axisymmetric equilibria

Philip Lauber

Garching, Germany

Kinetic Properties of Shear Alfven Modes in Tokamak Plasmas

H. Miura

Sokendaj, Japan

DNS Studies of Nonlinear Evolution of MHD Instability in LHD

D. Kh. Morozov

Moscow, Russia

Radiative plasmas at the edge and their basic properties

Francisco Ogando

Helsinki, Finland

Advanced methods in global gyrokinetic full f particle simulation of tokamak transport

Jesus Ramos

Cambridge, USA

Extended MHD effects in the modeling of tokamak plasmas

Paulo Rodrigues

Lisbon, Portugal

Tokamak equilibria with toroidal current reversal: properties and computational issues

Alexander Saveliev

St-Petersburgh, Russia

Electron Bernstein waves in spherical torus plasmas

Andre Simakov

Los Alamos National Laboratory , USA

What are the limitations of Braginskii's fluid equations and Hazeltine's drift kinetic equation

Gregorio Vlad

Frascati, Italy

Interaction of fast particles and Alfvén modes in burning plasmas

Tomohiko Watanabe

Toki, Japan

Gyrokinetic-Vlasov simulations of the ion temperature gradient turbulence in tokamak and helical systems

Özgur Gürcan

San Diego, USA

Spatial and spectral dynamics of turbulence spectra

Scott Parker

Boulder, USA

Fine Scale Zonal Flow Suppression of Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence

Stefan Mueller

Lausanne, Switzerland

Fluctuations, turbulence and transport in the TORPEX device

Ian Chapman

Culham, UK

Modelling the Effect of Toroidal Plasma Rotation on MHD Instabilities in MAST